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Core Values

Our mission is to operate with transparency and integrity, always committing ourselves to the task at hand and taking accountability for the success of our company, clients, and communities. By fostering a collaborative environment, we will cultivate lasting relationships with both our clients and employees, built on a foundation of mutual respect and trust. We are committed to maintaining our reputation for exceptional service through continuous investment in training, recognition, rewards, and advancement opportunities for our associates. Our ultimate goal is to create a sustainable, prosperous future for all stakeholders, based on a culture of excellence and shared success.

Resolute in perseverance and character

Complete adherence to a strict moral code

Pledge to embrace shared decisions for the greater good of the organization

Our business practices are free from pretense or deceit

Owning the positive and negative consequences of our choices and behavior

Youth Pastor

Tim Aguilar

“Absolutely, every time.” (When asked if this customer would recommend Constructable.)


June Layton*

Constructable gave me choices and options so that I could make the best decision.


John Smith*

Constructable delivered as promised.

Owner's Representative

Maria Whitfield

Constructable saved our project.

Senior Pastor

Troy Smothermon

I’ve done two, major multimillion dollar projects with [Constructable]…. I’m very particular in how it comes out. And very few things exceed my expectations. But both major building projects that we’ve done have exceeded my expectations.


David Querio

After looking at many potential candidates to partner with in our expansion project, it was obvious that Constructable was the perfect solution. Their diversity and experience in projects similar to this one coupled with their ties to the local community reinforced our decision to partner with Constructable.