Logo of "constructable", featuring a stylized letter 'c' in blue surrounded by red architectural lines, with the company name in bold black letters below.


Headshot of a smiling middle-aged man with short dark hair, wearing a blue and white checkered safety shirt against a gray background.

Quality and Safety Manager

“I am here to bring years of experience to every project and make Constructable the best it can be.”
Everyone goes home at night. At Constructable this is the lived-out, practical, safety expectation we set for ourselves and our team!
Logo featuring a blue hexagon with a shield inside, labeled "safety" in bold letters, indicative of health, safety, and environmental standards or services.


At Constructable, safety starts with me. And we take measured, careful steps to create a safe and successful environment. Our key to success is preparation and proper training, because to create great projects requires great skill and great safety.
Icon depicting a safety certificate with a ribbon inside a circular frame, using a blue and white color scheme.


At Constructable, we make safety a top priority, with these third-party memberships auditing and certifying our safety programs. We are members of the following safety and quality associations:
Logo of associated builders and contractors (abc) featuring the text "abc | step safety management system", an American flag motif, and the words "2023 safety diamond.
Logo of Avetta safety membership on a shield emblem, featuring a triangular green tree in the center with a grey ribbon labeled "member" across it, set against a black background.
Logo of Veriforce featuring a stylized abstract design symbolizing safety with green and blue lines on the left, next to the word 'Veriforce' in dark blue font, with a registered
Logo of isnworld displayed on an orange and white safety badge, featuring an icon of a shield with "isy," alongside the text "isnworld member contractor.
A circular blue outline encloses an icon of a shield with a house and a checklist, symbolizing home safety or insurance.

Authorized Builders

We work hard to create long term relationships with our suppliers and subcontractors. In terms of building structure, we focus on pre-engineered metal for all your industrial and commercial needs.
Logo of Nucor Building Systems emphasizing safety, with text "authorized builder" above an outlined illustration of a building. The brand name "Nucor" is prominently displayed under the illustration.
Logo of metallic building systems featuring bold red and black text with the words "metallic" in large letters above "building systems" and "safety authorized builder" underneath.
Logo featuring a blue hexagon with a shield inside, labeled "safety" in bold letters, indicative of health, safety, and environmental standards or services.

Trade Associations

Constructable has always focused on winning as a team. We make collaboration the core feature of our work. To that end, we are proud of our association with these organizations:
Logo of the associated builders and contractors, inc., emphasizing safety, featuring "abc" in large blue letters with an American flag design on the letter A, and the word "member" below in red
Logo of the Conroe Lake Conroe Chamber featuring a stylized blue swirl symbol representing safety and the words "Platinum Member" below it.