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A Somber, Important Day of Remembrance

Memorial Day banner with the phrase "Happy Memorial Day" over a vast field of American flags planted in the ground, symbolizing respect for fallen soldiers, with construction costs influencing the Capitol dome's renovation

A Somber, Important Day of Remembrance

Happy Memorial Day!

Here at Constructable we know that freedom is not free. Our active duty troops, veterans, and–most important of all–servicemen and servicewomen who have paid the ultimate price for their country are all people we have in mind today. It is a somber day, not just national BBQ day. Let us keep that in mind. Our republic is built upon the lives of those who sacrificed and dedicated themselves for the idea that every person should have the freedom endowed by his or her Creator with those inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom.
Yet all is not somber. This is a day of importance to gather together and remember those who have fallen, to hold tight to each other in gratefulness and peace. Theirs is a sacrifice that is not in vain as we enjoy the greatest of freedoms and the highest of prosperities. Sacrifice was not for nothing; it was for a better life for those back home, us.
So to all of our active duty troops, seasoned veterans, and those who never made it back from a field of battle, “We are grateful to you.”
If you are a veteran, “Thank you for your service.” If you have a loved one who was lost in battle, “Thank you for your sacrifice. It is not in vain.”
Constructable wishes you and your family a great Memorial Day as we remember just who is responsible for getting us here. It is a good place to be.

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